Company History

Omega Liner Company, Inc. was formed in October 2016 by industry veterans Gary Strom, Brandon Strom, and Ken Moulds. Frustrated with the long lead times and lack of reliable performance from material suppliers, they wanted to control their own supply chain so they could ensure fast & efficient response to their customers’ needs. They not only imagined but created a way to streamline, secure and manufacture their own ultraviolet cured-in-place pipe (UV-CIPP) liners to become their own material supplier. 

Omega Liner Company was incorporated in 2017 and is centrally located in Canton, South Dakota. Today, Omega continues to grow and expand its markets, providing premium quality UV-CIPP liner products and installation equipment to contractors who demand only the highest performing materials available. Omega also has expanded into the development of proprietary equipment and process technologies that not only optimize their own liner product performance, but also eases the installation for their contractor customers and provides confidence in the long-term efficiency of the installed product.

Why Us?

What makes Omega the brand you want? Omega provides premium products that have been designed and manufactured by UV Installers, for UV Installers. From the designs of our products, strength and quality of materials, ideal resin viscosity, all the way down to the designs of each shipping crate. Every manufacturing decision is made with the long-term goal to ease the installation process for contractors and provide continued confidence in the long-term efficacy of our installed liner. Making their jobs easier, more effective, and more profitable. Choosing Omega isn’t just choosing a manufacturer, we strive to be an industry Partner. Together, we can ensure that the best solutions are always the end result.


Our unique liner design is focused on ease of installation, reduced environmental impact and cost-effectiveness. It is produced and resin-impregnated in house. From here, it can be shipped quickly and cost effectively anywhere in North America. This makes project planning far easier than ever before. And the long-lasting quality of our product means you can install with confidence before and after it goes into the ground.

  • One of the strongest products on the market
  • Excellent calibration properties
  • Customizable and flexible to meet customer’s special needs and preferences

Plant and Production

Omega is the first full-scale (6”-66”) non-franchise, single-point/open-source manufacturing facility in the USA (dry liner and wet-out in one facility). These qualities allow us to offer the fastest possible turnaround time in the industry for UV liners. This intentional design is highly flexible and adaptable, allowing for customization and special applications on a rapid timescale.

  • Responsive – Extensive stock of pre-made liners for faster response time.
  • Volume Capacity – Robust production and ability to stockpile liner for customer projects allows for on-time delivery
  • Flexible – Multi-shift manufacturing operation to meet varying customer needs
  • Reliable – State-of-the-art resin storage and management system ensures manufacturing consistency


Omega Liner Company, Inc. exists to offer responsive, environmentally conscious ultraviolet cured-in-place pipe (UV-CIPP) liner installation solutions of the highest quality.


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Bob Sieve - General Manager at Omega Liner Company, Inc.

Bob Sieve

(General Manager)

Bob is Omega Liner’s General Manager, with over 37 years of leadership experience across an array of manufacturing and construction industries.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technical Studies, is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, has attended the International Institute for Management Development – Lausanne Switzerland. His unique experience with industries and people from around the world allows him to quickly assess cultures and implement plans and systems that unite and drive results.

Highlights of his career include creating teams of highly effective members and building a brand based on product quality and service.

Gary Strom is the President of the Omega Liner Company.

Gary Strom


In the midst of being a part of conventional “open cut” construction, Gary Strom began to research trenchless technology methods, which was still an emerging market at the time. Putting their prior experiences together, consulting highway engineers and utilizing contacts made inside various departments of transportation, as well as consulting engineers related to highway work, Gary and his son, Brandon, wanted to start providing solutions to DOT culvert problems. In 2007, they decided to take the leap and advance into the market of Trenchless Technologies.

Their trenchless company continuously strives to increase awareness of our nation’s underground infrastructure deterioration. They educate potential customers about effective rehabilitation methods that will save time, money and minimize inconvenience for the driving public. Throughout the years, the company has established a reputation for high quality, on-schedule, completed projects. Now, they bring this experience to the management of Omega Liner Company, Inc.

Brandon Strom is the Vice President of the Omega Liner Company.

Brandon Strom

(Vice President)

Brandon Strom is a seasoned professional contractor, with experience in both “open cut” and trenchless construction applications. He was hands-on in the startup of their trenchless solutions and remains involved in the company’s operations today. There, he has helped bring successful support in industry-leading trenchless repair and rehabilitation solutions to municipalities and departments of transportation all throughout the Midwest.

Based on this history of success, Brandon has been instrumental in the way Omega designs its liner products, installations and specialized equipment created specifically for trenchless rehabilitation work. These efforts have contributed significantly to our success and reputation for enabling pipeline rehabilitation contractors to do quality work in a safe, fast, and efficient manner.



Ken Moulds is the Sales and Marketing Director for the Omega Liner Company.

Ken Moulds

(Vice President)

Kenny has spent his entire adult life in sales and marketing. He owned and operated an underground utility company, Badger Contracting, which installed water and sewer systems, and built and repaired cable TV and telephone lines. As the president of KLM Developers, Ken helped construct some of the first passive solar homes in the early 1980’s in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

In addition to his construction experience, Kenny played a role in the building of cellular phone systems in rural America. He led the sales team that produced the best penetration into the markets of Northwestern and Midwestern parts of the United States. In 2008, he joined Gary and Brandon Strom to help develop and grow the drainage structure market and has been a rewarding culmination of his past-experience. Through this work, he helps bring time, cost and disruption savings to municipalities and departments of transportation across the country.

Melody McConnell is the Sales and Marketing Specialist at the Omega Liner Company.

Melody McConnell

(Sales & Marketing Specialist)

Melody has a wide variety of ´╗┐industry manufacturing knowledge. Her experience has offered her several opportunities managing reputable customer accounts. She has a natural passion for account management,sales and business development. She values what the best solution is for the customer and will always go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. She is a go-getter and will always have a smile on her face. 

Melody plans to help shape and streamline Omega’s marketing strategies. You will meet her at industry tradeshow's that Omega attend's throughout the year. She reports directly to Mark Hallett.




Jason Homrighaus is the Technical Director at the Omega Liner Company.

Jason Homrighaus

(Technical Director)

Jason holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry from Oswego State University of NY. He backs his work here at Omega with 10+ years of environmental contracting and 5 years of ultraviolet resin curing experience. 10+ years of laboratory management inform his work here in Omega’s lab, inspiring great confidence among our staff and clients.

A true industry pioneer, Jason brings a world of industrial design capability to his work at Omega, currently holding a patent on a first-of-its-kind mobile liner handling system. He has designed and built numerous tools and equipment for UV installations. He also is our repair and technical support specialist, with hands-on installation and maintenance experience with other leading UV resin-curing systems (Prokassro, IBG, IST, Curing Dynamics, Lightstream). He has hands-on curing experience in direct installations with major liner sources (Impreg, Saertex, Berolina, Omega), and is highly skilled at repair and troubleshooting equipment. He has developed several new modifications and repair techniques for UV systems.

Jason has been involved in environmental and industrial contracting since 2008, with extensive experience in pipeline maintenance, heavy equipment operation and safety and industry training including CSE, MSHA, OSHA. He began his UV lining experience as a Light Train Operator for Precision Trenchless, LLC in 2013, becoming highly skilled in all aspects of UV liner installation and crew management. He was the UV Operator for the First NSF-approved UV pipe for drinking water, also on the deepest UV installation in the U.S. He has extensive experience with large UV diameter liners (48”+).

David McConnel is the Plant Manager at the Omega Liner Company.

David McConnell

(Plant Manager)

Learning the trade from the ground up, David has been a major asset from the initial remodeling of the manufacturing plant and truck shop to being an instrumental player in the development of Omega’ labor force. He is eager to provide his product expertise and works with our technical support team in the field and out. David oversees the day-to-day manufacturing operations and production teams. He reports directly to Grant Marquart. 

Prior to his time at Omega, David has 30 years’ experience in manufacturing operations and has led a plethora of strong and reliable teams throughout his career.

Luda Mazan is a Design and Manufacturing Engineer for Omega Liner Company.

Luda Mazan

(Design & Manufacturing Engineer)

Luda has an extensive background and strong understanding in leading, designing, implementing, and executing process improvements in manufacturing operations. With her knowledge in regulatory compliance and quality management, she implemented Omega’s ISO certification. Prior to Omega, she managed product launches from development stage through the final production. 

With a strategic mind in manufacturing improvement skills, she utilities these skills in developing strategies to increase efficiency and processes in Omega’s growth.

Mark Hallett is Director of Sales at Omega Liner Company.

Mark Hallett

(Sales Director)

Mark has an extensive background in the development of UV-CIPP in North America.  He has been instrumental in educating owners, training engineers and developing specifications for the water and wastewater industry.


Mark is responsible for bringing numerous contractors into this emerging industry, by introducing and teaching this new technology to the entrepreneurs that have prospered by investing in this Technologically advanced method of rehabilitating our failing infrastructure.



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