Installer Training That Ensures Successful Applications

Having the best materials is only part of the equation, when it comes to providing end users with the best outcome. The installation contractor is the vital connection between Omega and the end user. To ensure the best results, Omega is committed to providing an unprecedented level of service and support for our installers. Our combined knowledge and experience in the lining industry is second to none.

By leveraging our roots in installation, we have the unique ability to support our installers at all levels and stages of the lining process. Examples are but not limited to;

  • project evaluation and assistance with the project preparatory phase 
  • hands-on field installation support and training
  • spot repair support and consulting

To further aid our installers’ effectiveness and their customers’ confidence, Omega is exploring the development of a lining school. Its curriculum would be designed to bring new crews online quickly and efficiently, with a combination of classroom and hands-on training that reinforces critical skills needed to be competitive and successful.

Upon becoming a certified installer of Omega liners, contractors will be added to our Approved Contractor List. This list will contain all contractors that Omega has determined has met our standards to warrant our approval of them as a Certified Installer. Watch for the release of this list in the near future.

Current Training Available

Types of training topics, instruction and support currently available include, but are not limited to:

Pre-Installation Planning

  • Technical and Financial Consulting
  • Crew Efficiency Evaluation and Training
  • Equipment procurement and finance sources/options
  • Tool and Equipment selection
  • Tool and Equipment Design
  • Large and bulk liner handling and logistics
  • UV Lining Safety

Physical Liner Installation Training

  • Host pipe preparation
  • Liner rigging
  • Manhole preparation
  • Winch/pulling set-up and safety
  • Liner installation
  • Can installation and liner end preparation
  • Light train installation/operation
  • Cable rigging and protection
  • Light train removal
  • Liner cutting and post-installation treatment
  • Foil removal and management
  • Lateral reinstatement (large diameter pipes)

Post-Installation Training

  • Identifying defects, defect management and response
  • UV system maintenance and repair
  • Installation maintenance and repair
  • Post-lining upkeep and maintenance


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