Created by Installers, For Installers


Centrally located, Omega provides fast-turn solutions and products to installers and contractors.


The evolution of resins and fiberglass technology allows Omega to offer its partners environmentally safe, non-toxic lining products and processes.


Our consistent, monitored manufacturing process ensures a predictable, trustworthy product and performance.


Omega GRP UV liners and resins are versatile enough to lend themselves well to a myriad of structural rehabilitation applications.

Omega Liner Company, Inc. located in Canton, South Dakota, is a manufacturer of UV-CIPP (Ultraviolet Cured-In-Place Pipe) liners for the trenchless restoration and repair of pipe and culvert systems.

Why Us?
Sure, you want a liner that’s just going to work, and last a long time. That’s a given (or it should be). But what makes Omega the brand you want is that our liners are designed and manufactured by UV installers, for UV installers. From the design of our shipping containers to the viscosity of the resins, and the strength and quality of the materials, every manufacturing decision is made with the goal of making our customers’/partners’ jobs easier, more effective, and more profitable. Together, we can ensure that the best solutions are always the end result.


Our unique liner design is focused on ease of installation, reduced environmental impact and cost-effectiveness. It is produced and resin-impregnated in the Midwest. From here, it can be shipped quickly and cost effectively anywhere in North America. This makes project planning far easier than ever before. And the long-lasting quality of our product means you can install with confidence that it will make you look good long after it goes into the ground.

  • One of the strongest products on the market
  • Excellent calibration properties
  • Customizable and flexible to meet customer’s special needs and preferences




Plant and Production
Omega’s is the first full-scale (63″+ liners), single-point manufacturing (dry liner and wet-out in one facility), open source (non-franchise) facility in the USA. These qualities allow us to offer the fastest possible turnaround time in the industry for UV liners. This intentional design is highly flexible and adaptable, allowing for customization and special applications on a rapid timescale.

  • Responsive – Extensive stock of pre-made liners for faster response time.
  • Volume Capacity – Robust production and ability to stockpile liner for customer projects allows for Just-In-Time delivery
  • Flexible – Multi-shift manufacturing operation to meet varying customer needs
  • Reliable – State-of-the-art resin storage and management system ensures manufacturing consistency